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  • Watch Lékan Tella’s Extraordinary Visuals For His Latest Single &l...
    Music and film have always been an inseparable duo that complete each other and express the same feeling on a different medium. Whenever artists try to visualize their music, it sometimes comes out in a totally opposite way than the listeners expect. When we heard Lékan Tella’s second single titled ‘Savannah Red,’ we expected from him to deliver a funky-disco inspired, 80s placed, colorful video, but what he did is beyond our expectations. 

    The visuals tell a short story about a woman, played by the phenomenal Maia Kaimakliotis, who despite being in a relationship decides to have fun and go out with another man. The unsatisfying relationship she is in, makes her sneak out at night, put on a fancy dress, and grab a few drinks with someone else. The soundtrack spiced up the plot, and influenced the mood with a positive, and energizing vibe, and I-don’t-give-a-**** attitude. 

    ‘Savannah Red’ is the second single from NYC-based Lékan Tella, after his debut ‘Emptiness’ (stream). The artist is a Nigerian-American descent, and he spent much of his youth growing up between America and Nigeria, which is channeled in his music. As we can read on his Spotify “Lekan sees his music as documentation of his human experience. In that spectrum, there is love, depression, joy, happiness, lust, desire, passion, truth, maturity, self-reflection, confusion, doubt, loneliness, unity, wholeness, and many other facets yet to be discovered.”
  • Da Ren Proves High Skills On “Off White”
    Emerging artist Da Ren proves some fine skills on his latest release, a music video for the single “Off White”. “Off White” is a futuristic, inventive, and yet extremely relatable song and visuals by Da Ren, who once again proves his raw talent and sharp technique with great confidence. Going off road to explore what nobody else has had the courage to tackle, he makes an artistic experiment about his most intimate fantasies, and the result is completely jaw-dropping. “Off White” is one of those songs that can change their creator’s career, as we impatiently wait for Da Ren’s next masterpiece. 
  • Frank Vanegas Releases “Steady Rise” Alongside Eye-Catching Music Vi...
    “Steady Rise” is the title of Colombian American Hip-Hop artist Frank Vanegas , a pure rap track with a myriad of traditional Hip-Hop elements incorporated throughout the joint. “Steady Rise” features Vanegas at his best, delivering emotionally charged verses that demonstrate his ability to juggle between genres and subgenres with effortless mastery. He is able to find his own sonic pattern no matter what he does, a prowess very few rappers can achieve. 

    Building on the momentum created with his previous drops, “No Birthdays”, “Rubix Cube”, and “Stars Align”, Frank Vanegas continuously proves he is one of the most important figures within the urban music scene with the quality of his releases, and “Steady Rise” will undoubtedly expand his audience.
    After the release of his new single “Act a Fool,” Rick Ross keeps the Port of Miami II rollout going with his latest, a remix to ScHoolboy Q’s “Numb Numb Juice.” One of the highlights of the track is the homage paid to Nipsey Hussle.

    "You know I get the sneakers before they hit the shelf / Every album been a classic / I’m a feature film,” he boasts. “Nipsey Hussle gone, I gotta speak for him.”Renzel is now gearing up to release his 10th album Port of Miami II:

    Born to Kill, the sequel to his 2006 debut Port of Miami. Last month, he kicked things off with his “Port of Miami II” freestyle, followed by his single “Act a Fool” with Wale.
  • Darrell Kelley Creates A Real Hype With His Single “I’m So High&rdqu...

    Darrell Kelley is a phenomenal artist, the kind you won't understand with a one-time try. After the wild success of “Get Wild” and “Beautiful” Darrell Kelley releases a new single  “I’m So High”, which is expected to enjoy even more recognition.  Darrell brings contagious vibe with “I’m So High” and creates such a hype around it, you can’t ignore it even if you try.  
    Darrell is a propagator of taking the best out of life and not wasting time on an aimless complaining.  He is completely fine with speaking out his mind and has the guts to follow his path no matter what people have to say. 
    I’m So High will change your mood instantaneously every time you’re feeling down or off the track and help you remember that life is beyond wonderful if you choose to see it. 
  • Watch Briguel’s Magical New Music Video - ‘Who Do You Wanna Be’

    Artist couple Briguel find limitless inspiration in various areas of life, whether personal, social, or political, and turn it towards their love for music to create a thriving new music video entitled “Who Do You Wanna Be”, displaying their impressive skills as performers, demonstrating the strength of their vocal and lyrical ability like never before.
    Having already gained important success on their road to continued music development as artists, Briguel truly strive for greatness in every project they create, and regularly share their passionate works through live performances. Their music is a fine blend of Hip-Hop, Pop, and electronic music, always home to enlightening messages and positive vibes.