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SLIK JACK - The Kingpin Project (
The Kingpin Project is an absolute Beast !

Slik Jack and Sqreeb put together a Concept album where Slik embodies 'the kingpin' from the early Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee with a haywire twist on the character.
Slik digs deep within the character even going as far as using the Kingpins ''Real name'' Wilson Grant Fisk , and bringing the character to our reality.
As i listened to the album i found myself cracking up at multiple lines as well as causing myself some neck enjuries from heavy head banging

Slik jack was not the only one to mutate on this record Sqreeb was a Monster bringing a peice of art after peice of art (brain exploding emoji )

This record is and absolute journey i recommend to real hip hop heads and comicbook fans,



released April 30, 2021

Written by, Slik Jack
Featured acts: Vic Monroe (chicago), Pacewon (new jersey) ( The Outsidaz)
Producers : Sqreeb , Slik Jack
Mixed : Sqreeb
Mastered : Sqreeb ( uglypitch Records)