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Revalation & GoD iLLa - RevILLutionAries (
1.RevILLutionAries (Intro) prod. by Quiz2.Back At It (feat. DJ Decepta) prod. by Reckonize Real3.Dreamchaser (feat. Eli Greene) prod. by Putty Productions 03:284.Keeping On (feat. Kore of EMS) prod. by M-Dot5.I Been (feat. M-Dot) prod. by L.O.B. 03:326.Wu Wednesday (feat. DJ Flipcyide) prod. by Tecknowledgy 02:477.Sound of Love (feat. Lou Sixx) prod by Tecknowledgy8.A Game (feat. Mayhem of EMS) prod. by Gajos9.The Snap prod. by Gajos10.I Apologize prod. by Kease11.Dope City prod. by M-Dot12.Audio Catalog prod. by Gajos13.[Bonus] Mic Murderers (Revalation, GoD iLLa, Lyst, Cinuous) - Be Patient prod. by Mekkanic 03:2714.[Bonus] Little Things (feat. EmiliOMG) prod. by B-Able 03:15


"RevILLutionAries" not only signifies a play on their respective aliases "Rev" & "ILLA," but also as the concept of the album which focuses on inspiring a stagnant society through a barrage of in your face rhymes and eclectic beatscapes. The tracks range from inspirational anthems such as "Dreamchaser" which shows the duo's versatility to "Keeping On ft. Kore (of EMS)" which touches on social issues & personal strife.

But the crew makes sure to feed their niche fanbase with braggadocio & punchline driven tunes such as "I Been ft. M-Dot" and "A Game" ft Mayhem (of EMS). Other highlights include "Sound of Love ft. Lou Sixx" which finds them sharing their personal vices for dealing with life's daily hardships and the riveting "Dope City," which takes the perspective of two addicts and paints a picture on the difficulties of fighting addiction. Overall the album is powerful & uplifting, carrying that feeling throughout as the emcees flex their lyrical muscle while also trying to inspire and give people hope in a troubling time when that's all some people need.


releases April 30, 2021

Mixed & Mastered by Quiz
(Except tracks 2,5 and 11 Mixed & Mastered by Sensus)