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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #224 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) (
DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #224 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by Reef Hustle / Mason Graves / Bash Brothers (Precyce Politix & Mallz) / L-Biz / Meeco / Jus-P / Miskeen Haleem / The Opioid Era / D.V Alias Khryst / Subtance810 / Dom Pachino / ethemadassassin / Screwmanew / Nowaah The Flood / Mayhem Of EMS / King Magnetic / A7MC / G Fam Black / M Doc Diego / Crotona P / King Author / Ty Farris / Bugsy Da God / DJ Enyoutee / Zagnif Nori / Sareem Poems / Jay Royale / DJ TMB / Beneficence / Confidence, and more...
On-air Jeudi 20h / Thursday 8pm CET Paris on
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1- DJ Gone Crazy "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Sareem Poems & Ess Be "Let's Go"
3- Meeco & DJ Access "Me" (feat. Skyzoo & Olvido Ruiz)
4- Khrysis "Mr Big Mouf Pt II" (feat. De La Soul)
5- Jus-P & X-Ray "Live On The Ave"
6- Plex Diamonds "Justice Is Grey"
7- The Quarter Inch Kings & Zagnif Nori "Failure = Death" (feat. Bugsy Da God & DJ Enyoutee)
8- Gotham (Talib Kweli & Diamond D) "Olympic"
9- Bronze Nazareth & Recognize Ali "Street Gospel" (feat. Salute Da Kidd)
10- Maze Overlay & Grim Moses "Order Of Phoenix" (feat. Mason Graves)
11- Eric Bobo & Stu Bangas "No Survivors" (feat. Blacastan & Nowaah The Flood)
12- Eric Bobo & Stu Bangas "Empires" (feat. Mr. Lif & DJ Rhettmatic)
13- King Author "Mr. Bad Mood"
14- Vinnie Paz "Machine Gun Etiquette" (feat. Billy Danze)
15- Bash Brothers (Precyce Politix & Mallz) "Bare Knuckle Brawler"
16- Bronze Nazareth & Recognize Ali "Tear Drops In The Sky" (feat. King Magnetic & Verbal Kent)
17- Screwmanew x Ruzbeatz "The Come Up"
18- M Doc Diego x Manzu Beatz "Tango N Cash" (feat. Crotona P)
19- Pete Twist "Multiply The Wealth" (feat. Jay Royale, M.A.V & DJ TMB)
20- Doza The Drum Dealer "Six Degrees Of Separation" (feat. Hus Kingpin, Sha Smif, Inf, Bill Da Kid & Cortez)
21- Miskeen Haleem & The Roses "Heat Seeker"
22- Ty Farris x Machacha "Last Place You Wanna Be"
23- Lord Apex "Exhale"
24- Beneficence & Confidence "Higher Degree"
25- Khrysis "Never Change"
26- Baked Plissken "The Real Miyayo"
27- Paki Dunn "Deal Went Bad" (feat. R.A The Rugged Man, D.V Alias Khryst & Prayah)
28- L-Biz "Amerikkkan Pie"
29- Reef Hustle "Vibe" (feat. Planet Aisa & Will Traxx)
30- Gawds "Grenade Shoppin'" (feat. Dom Pachino)
31- Subtance810 x Hobgoblin "The Hanging Gardens" (feat. ethemadassassin)
32- Eric Bob & Stu Bangas "Get With This One" (feat. B-Real & Pharoahe Monch)
33- Vinnie Paz "Murder Takes Time" (feat. Eto)
34- The Opioid Era "Witch Doctor"
35- JFliz x Tali Rodriguez "Grind" (feat. Mayhem Of EMS & DJ Decepta)
36- Conway The Machine "Sister Abigail" (feat. Jae Skeese & 7xvethegenius)
37- A7MC x Endorfinbeats "Done With This"
38- Kheyzine "Dry Rot" (feat. G Fam Black)