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Direct Flight | dj real one (
I have relocated to Houston during the time of this album being produced. Therefore the name Direct Flight. After moving and no longer having a studio to make my music, I had been forced to use headphones and an MPC to really create some music that was influenced by my move from Chicago to Houston. Several tracks were recorded in Chicago and the rest in Houston. Records that were sampled come from places that are listed in the track titles from all my travels, from Lima, Peru to Tokyo, Japan Lets see how good you know your airport codes. lol. For the MCs on this joint, they really brought there A game always repping the Go to the fullest. This is Chicago Hip Hop, with a touch of Houston flavor.



releases May 7, 2021

DJ Real One, Dre Cobbs, M Doc Diego, The Morlock Crew, Spirit Jaliyaa, Ch. 7, Blackflight Shawn and Akules