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Beat Tape Co​​​​-​​​​Op Presents The Foundation Producer Series 012 Introducing 3volvr (
Jason Lee Williams, also known as 3volvr is an American hip-hop producer, emcee, vinyl digger & music curator. Originally from Southern California. He was introduced to the hip-hop elements in the late '80s. He started making pause-tape mixes in 92'. At age 9, in 1994 - 3volvr wrote his first rap verse. Half a decade later, 3volvr learned how to mix / scratch sounds on records - which helped him hone in to crafting beats. 3volvr first began producing music in 1999. Since 2016, 3volvr has released over 30 colourful albums - on his label Sidewalk Astronomy Recordings, also he has released music with global labels & has collaborated with many international artists. 3volvr has performed at open mics & local bar/restaurant venues in California.
3volvr's music production process is primarily sample-based, also utilizing live instrumentation.
From 2006 - 2011, 3volvr worked as an audio engineer for the late Dr. Fred Bell & assisted with music production. In 2007, 3volvr produced an instrumental piece for Dr. Bell that was performed at a new-age health expo / award ceremony in San Francisco, California. He's the winner of a 2009 beat contest (week 7) - judged by Akil of Jurassic 5, on Kevin Nottingham's site (for the anniversary tribute to Nas'-"Illmatic" lp). 3volvr's (Evolve Audio) — "Light It Up" instrumental...  more


released April 20, 2021

Producer: 3volvr

Cover Art By: Buster Moody