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1.Mental Conflict (Prod. Jammy Git) 04:122.I Road Roam (Prod. Jimmy Screech) 02:353.Tekken (Prod. Mac James) 02:22infobuy track4.On The Grind (Prod. Eue Gnoh) 03:215.Its All Figures (Prod. Sleepy Time Ghost) 02:186.Splash (Prod. Cold-Blooded Beats) 04:597.What More Could U Want (Prod. Trackdealer) 02:588.Being Real (Prod. Illternal Beats) 04:009.West (Prod. Cold-Blooded Beats) 02:2910.Rudeboy (Prod. Red-I-Rob) feat. GOLD 02:2711.All Change (Prod. Bishmalish) feat. Sylva Grey 03:1612.On The Streets (Prod. Jammy Git & Antonio Funk Benedict) feat. Cuzin Nate 02:0813.On Deck (Prod. Jammy Git) feat. Polo 02:2414.On The Roads (Prod. Red-I-Rob) feat. Mack Jehu 04:1815.Run Dat Ish (Prod. Jammy Git) feat. Suavo & Coleone 02:2716.Biscuits & Mango Juice (Prod. Jammy Git) feat. D7 02:3517.Insomnia (Prod. Illternal Beats) feat. Edward Splifforhands 04:3918.Surfin (Prod. Steddy) feat. Steddy 03:15


This will officially be my last Solo Album! Its been a really good 13 or so years spanning almost 20 separate projects but now is a great time to come to an end with this. A lot of music I've been sitting on Combined with new stuff and collaborations with artists I had been waiting for. This was an absolute joy to make and I really hope you guys enjoy it.

P.s. This does not mean I'm giving up music. Far from it as I Shall be concentrating solely on Collaborative projects like the popular #VapeLife Series so stay tuned.

Much Appreciation As Always



released April 19, 2021

All Tracks written by Airklipz. All tracks recorded At The Vape Lounge Studios, London and Produced by Euegnoh, Jammy Git, Bishmalish, Illternal Beats, Jimmy Screech, Sleepy Time Ghost, Mac James, Trackdealer, Red-I-Rob, Steddy, Antonio Funk Benedict and Cold-Blooded Beats.
Mixed & Mastered by Jammy Git @ The Vape Lounge Studios.

Artwork by Kicks In Print Media

©2021 VL Media Group