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Ancient Astronauts - We Are To Answer | Switchstance Recordings (
Originally intended as the title track for ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS 2009 debut album WE ARE TO ANSWER, the song did not make the final cut for the album and remained among the hidden musical treasures of KABANJAK´s Evergreen Studio. Then in 2015, the song was rediscovered and made a free download on ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS Soundcloud page.

Since that day, the song has gained nearly 80,000 plays on Soundcloud, inspiring Switchstance Recordings to officially release the song on all digital platforms worldwide.

WE ARE TO ANSWER is not only a rediscovered song by ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, but a stellar example of their trippy trademark style of dope beats mixed with deep organic grooves. A stripped-down melody combined with heavy drums and a groovy bassline build the foundation of this song and takes listeners on an interplanetary space voyage with these two musical Astronauts. And when the beautiful guitar melody kicks in at the end, listeners are fully propelled into the cosmos of outernational dopeness by the Astronauts known as KABANJAK and DOGU. Grab your headphones and prepare for takeoff.


released April 16, 2021
Written and composed by Ingo Moell and Tom Strauch.
Mixed by Kabanjak at Evergreen Studio.
Instruments played by Kabanjak.
Produced by Ancient Astronauts.
Mastered by Artur Wnorowski /TurnUp Mastering.
Cover art and video production by Oberas: