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Caspar Grant - Snake Oil | And What? LDN (
Caspar Grant teams up with High Focus artist King Kashmere for And What? LDN's fourth release.

Snake Oil is the story of one man attempting to find a sliver of meaningful
truth in a world gone mad. As right wing demagogues, corrupt lawmakers
and unprincipled media tycoons distort and manipulate the global narrative an ordinary citizen attempts to do right by his loved ones and positively contribute to society.

Immersed in the backdrop of Kashmere’s pulsating, apocalyptic rhythms Caspar Grant does his best to make sense of wholly illogical circumstances.

This single will be followed up by an album in June.


released April 16, 2021

Vocals: Caspar Grant
Producer: Kashmere
Mix & Master: The Orbalist
Graphics: Jackson Hyde
Label: And What? LDN