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Blue City - Into the Void (
1.The Abyss (Intro) 01:022.Trouble Ahead (Feat. Wolfgang Von Vanderghast) 03:573.Bully (Feat. Risk1) 03:034.Beautiful Day (Feat. Odie) 03:37info5.The Depths Below (Skit) 01:116.Boondocks (Feat. Cam Solo & Risk1) 04:007.Love You (Feat. DW Smith) 04:408.Imperial Living 03:139.Talk About Love 02:3010.Everyone Sinks (Skit) 01:3011.Evil Action (Feat. Jake The Ripper & DJ Jaffa) 04:1812.Fire Burn (Feat. Pun Ra & Risk1) 03:3213.Short Answer (Feat. Genesis Elijah & Wolfgang Von Vanderghast) 04:2514.Into The Void (Feat. Kenny Cadence) 03:3115.Is Anyone Alive? (Outro) 03:05


Following on from the debut EP 'Out of the Blue' comes the debut album 'Into the Void'. With incredible vocals and production from various different beatmakers. This album was made with heart and passion. Available on Bard Picasso Records.


released April 14, 2021