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TS - Original Without Name (
To Inspire
Growing up in the Far North of Aotearoa
What does life look like for us…Out the trap mentality
The story of that manifesting in life...Find your lane
Perspective from the outside looking in
Is the grass greener in the jungle
The instinctual pull of Muriwhenua
Sometimes you have to go into space to see Earth
What you were searching for was in front of you all along
Let them see someone doing it where they are
Create the vibes here
The unique obstacles of the Far North
Wrestling the voices and always walking up the hill
Holding the responsibility of sharing the truth of the times close
The people who went there with you
The people who didn’t
The moments of confidence surrounded by constant self doubt
The feelings of spiritual joy, in the physical
The brief passing of contentment
The acceptance to move forward and continue


released March 27, 2021

Production - Haru Brothers (B Haru; Lo Key), WLLFLXX, See Dee, Twenty Weeks, Haz Beats, Frank Keys, Jake Milliner, TS

Engineer - Floyd Cribb
Mixed - Floyd Cribb; TS