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Maura x Fred Red – Anarchist Love (w/ Malik Diao) (
Album "Grimus" by Maura & Fred Red – 07.05.2021

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vocals by Maura
produced by Fred Red
keys, synths by Malik Diao
video edit by Maura x Fred Red
camera by Marie Scharnagl, Dustin Braun
support by Anna Eschenbacher, Frederike Glemser
mixed by Fred Red
mastered by Mark Pfurtscheller
cover art by Clarissa Kannengießer


Hard-hitting breaks, subtle grooves led by jazz brushes, funky synthesizer solos, meet one of the most charismatic front women our young German hiphop-scene has to offer. Maura moves playfully in her universe between soulful head voices and heavy rapflows which put everybody considering themself as being able to compete in their place. Punctiliously and lovingly arranged, stylishly orchestrated and, at the same time, uncompromisingly edgy that there is – with all humbleness – nothing left but to speak out the Madlib/Erykah reference out loud.