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Xidus Pain - Hukuru (
The name Hukuru means Great in Shona I chose this as the name for the project because the overall message is about searching for your Greatness and being a unique individual. The project is a mixture of Neo Soul and Lo-Fi sounding HipHop beats taking you on a journey all around the globe with features from Australia, USA, Russia, Canada and the UK.


released March 21, 2021

I thank Elohim (The creator) for my Blessings and my gift, My Family you're a huge part of my muse, Joe Jones Great production brother, Rene John Sandy I appreciate You My Brother, Wyze Wonda I'm looking forward to our joint project, Majest Da god (BiG up Fam!), DJ Max Great Dope Cutz Bro, TBP My Brother Love to you and K, Mirrah Reflects Big up Sis Much respect to you and Zig, Nikki J Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful vocals, Cuzzo Thanks for Murking it with a gully verse, MilevaI you're vocals are Golden, Angela your Artwork is Sublime and captures the mood of the project you're a Star and I would also like to Thank You for listening, much Love, I Appreciate You.

Love, Peace, and Respect!! .

All songs Produced by Mr J apart from track 14 which is produced and Mixed by Majest Da god

Art Work by Angela Kolokotroni

Joe Jones (Executive Producer)
George Barrett (Executive Producer)
Rene John-Sandy II (Executive Producer)

All songs recorded by George Barrett at Chime Studios apart from featured verses

All songs were written by Xidus Pain apart from the verses of the featured artist

This Project is Mixed and Mastered by Pumularni except for track 14 which is Mixed and Mastered by Majest Da god

Xidus Pain appears courtesy Hukuru Music ©