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Drax MC - A Drop In The Ocean (
1.All I Know ft. Andy Grimwood (Produced By Ghosty)2.So Many Questions (Produced By Ghosty)3.Pleading ft. Craig Lancett (Produced By Ghosty)4.Goodbye ft. Craig Lancett (Produced By Ghosty)5.Never Give Up (Produced By Ghosty)6.Believing (Produced By Ghosty)7.What I'm Reppin' (Produced By Ghosty)8.A Drop In The Ocean ft. Jade Paterson (Produced By Ghosty) 04:30buy track9.What I Do (Produced By Ghosty)


Delving deeper into the mind of Drax, he is back with more talented feature artists. Delivering a mixture of thought provoking vocals and catchy hooks, A Drop In The Ocean is balanced with a variety of hard hitting instrumentals produced and engineered by Ghosty.


releases April 5, 2021