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Pale Riderz - Wise Men (Official Video) (
From Outlawz by Pale Riderz, released March 21, 2021
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What happens when like minds find each other riding across apocalyptic plains in the dark of night?? Outlawz.. Pale Riderz.. riding with one purpose, from the US to the UK --- To bring that dope hip-hop straight to the dome... time to ask yourself partner.. you ready to ride??

Pale Riderz is Don Ciotti, Hidden & Neaality Gandhi
Written & Performed by Don Ciotti, Hidden & Neaality Gandhi
Produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha
Mixed & Mastered by MatrixAudio
HRSUnderground, LLC 2021
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Founded in 2014 by Hidden, the label was originally named "HiddenRoad Studios" and later re-branded as HRSUnderground in 2018. For the first few years HRS served primarily as an outlet for the duo HiddenRoad (created by Hidden & Justin), and Hidden's other solo and paired producer projects ( First Hidden, & N95, and later Hidden vs. A Dude Named Drew). In April of 2018, the first Hidden Underground project released and solidified an HRS presence in UK HipHop with the help of M-Acculate. Now with more and more #HRSAffiliates​ joining up, and 3 volumes of Hidden Underground unleashed upon the masses, HRS is quickly stirring up a buzz in UK Hip Hop. More than just music, HRS is a movement, from the US to AU to UK!

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