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Dave Redi - Rust Bucket | SuperNiceMusic (Instrumental) (
Dave Redi returns with his very first instrumental offering since 2012 🤯🤯🤯

Where 2020 marked Dave's return to emceeing, 2021 is the comeback of Dave the producer. On "Rust Bucket, he shows us some of the things he created in his workplace over the years, and spoiler alert, it's that oxidated instrumental goodness.

Dave Redi starts by taking you on an "Easy Drive" and most definitely keeps "Workin' It" by putting in "Hard Work" until the end, but luckily things "Calm Down" somewhere in between. This 6-track beat EP is full of soulful and mellow soundscapes and is a treat to any headphones. And it's just a taste of things to come.


released March 19, 2021

All tracks produced by Dave Redi
All tracks mixed by Dave Redi
All tracks mastered by Dave Redi & Lemonface
Artwork by Dave Redi