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dat Brass - dB (
Pre-order of this album includes a free physical copy of a limited edition dB zine, featuring photos by Gianmarco of our time on stage and in the studio, handwritten sheet music and lyrics, behind-the-scenes info, and original drawings by Looby.

This album is the culmination of 3 trips around the sun, featuring a raft of songs that were forged on stages and sticky floors all over the UK.

In early 2020, we retreated to the middle of nowhere to Giant Wafer studios, where we spent 10 days laying down the foundations of these 10 tracks with engineer & producer, Jess Camilleri. Each has a special place in our hearts, having all grown organically from simple ideas into the cacophonic fusion of sounds they are today. Packed with wall-to-wall lip-busters, our self-titled debut full-length album captures the energy of a live set, whilst using the opportunity of a studio to bring an unprecedented level of detail to the massive mix of jazz, dub, hip-hop, and DnB that we call our sonic home.

Vocally and instrumentally, the album reflects on the trappings of a tiny slice of fame, the relentlessness of the daily grind, and the state of the music industry today. We don’t shy away from your average love and party stories - obviously done in true dB style with a fat scratch solo or trumpet bop to break things up. We’re so stoked to have some of our best mates collaborating with us on this record – frequent stage invaders Mandeep., Ble33, Rachel Kerry, and Dan Tarbuck all feature, with some guest production from Bristol don, Dr Meaker.


releases May 7, 2021

michael ruddlesden - music, sousaphone, production
seb skelly - music, trumpet, flugel, keys
adam mcloughlin - music, tenor sax, contrabass clarinet
looby - words, vox
joe prescott - trumpet, flugel
jake heath - alto sax, bari sax
ben smith - trombone, guitar
jasper rose - trombone
jack tann - drums, percussion
theo guttenplan - percussion
dj dubba dutch - scratch
jess camilleri - engineering, production

Rachel Kerry
Dan Tarbuck
Dr Meaker

chris kalcov - additional engineering
dan johnson - bass guitar
alleya weibel - violin
hannah garty - violin
niamh sanders - viola
cristina cooper - cello
dan giles - double bass
alex shad - percussion
Dr Meaker - master