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Before The Classics (No DJ Version) | SolomanandD7 (
1.Welcome (Feat. Tricksta) 01:482.Angel Eyes (Tricksta Blend) 03:313.My God My King (Feat. Radical) (Tricksta Blend) 03:544.Estate Life (Tricksta Blend) 03:215.The Rawness (Feat. LATE) (Tricksta Blend) 02:516.Lay Down Ya Guns (Tricksta Blend) 03:597.Better Man (Tricksta Blend) 03:038.Soloman Speaks 00:589.Stargazer (Feat. Dutch ReBelle) (Tricksta Blend) 05:1610.God Is Good (Feat. DJ TMB) (Tricksta Blend) 03:5411.Creative Writing (Tricksta Blend) 02:2112.Music (Tricksta Blend) 03:1913.The Strike Back (Tricksta Blend) 03:0414.D7 Speaks 00:5215.Chip Off The Old Block (Feat. Micall Parknsun) (Tricksta Blend) 03:0816.Freedom Music (Feat. Edo G) (Tricksta Blend) 03:4517.Soloman & D7 (Tricksta Blend) 03:1118.Cipher (Feat. Trademark Blud, Synikall, Plain & Simple) (Tricksta Blend) 04:48buy track19.In Hip-Hop We Trust (Feat. Nero DB, Tricksta) (Tricksta Blend) 03:4620.See You Later (Feat. Tricksta) 02:42


After a well-earned break, Soloman & D7 are gearing up to release an onslaught of new releases for worldwide Hip-Hop fans. Known on the underground Hip Hop circuit for their cutting-edge boom bap sound the London and Wolverhampton duo are back.

Their first release of 2021 is a mixtape with a difference. Mixed & hosted by Tricksta from UK Runnings established in 2001 and Beats & Bars, this mixtape takes some of Soloman & D7’s songs and flips them into new blends/mixes giving them a brand-new life. Twenty tracks deep, this project features Edo G, Micall Parknsun, Trademark Blud, DJ TMB, Dutch ReBelle, LATE, Synikall, Plain & Simple, Nero DB, Tricksta, Radical and come with a DJ mix and a No DJ version.


released March 13, 2021

All tracks written and performed by Soloman & D7 except for guest verses credited above.
All tracks blended and mixed by: Tricksta
All tracks recorded at: The Beats and Bars HQ, UK
Artwork & design: Tricksta
DJ mix & mastering: Tricksta