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Mad Rev - Da Surinam Swordsman E.P. (
This is the debut project done by Mad Rev, for all the Hip Hop headz out there! For everyone that like to hear funky grooves and melodies with bars and stoytellings raps on boombap and g-funk beats!


released February 23, 2021

Written and performed by:
Mad Rev in collaboration with EllMatic, BlabberMouf, Maya S, Capital J, MEAU Hewitt and Moonstreams.
Scratches by: Zudo and Truffel the Phunky Phaqir

Mixing by:
Rex Amesbury (Zudo), Kay Meyer (Truffel the Phunky Phaqir), Jesse Meulenbeek and SQB
Production : Zudo, Truffel the Phunky Phaqir, SQB and Yaghist
Mastering by:
Statinski Mastering
Artwork by: