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Expand The Mind - Polarity (
This song is about how one feeling can feel like the exact opposite very quickly.
Even though this happens, we can still focus and pull out what we want from life!


Exercise the right i have to fight
purvey the light
ixnay the x find
a natural high inside my mind
Socialize despite the criticism biters
wind back far enough and i'm a writer
enticer supplier of the righteous
definer of the battle
reactions on point because i don't apply my mind to a class
or find myself around republicans or democrats
matter of fact
i prefer to speak about
how we could
be about
evolution .
decide to grow with the wind
As it blows and choses
the movement
listen to the here and now
i supply you with my heartbeat
& feed the brains of the underground

Whyyyyyyy----- ohhhh-- whyyyyyyyyyy-------
Does it feel --------so goooood------ and sooooooooooooo---------------
Bad== at-- the --same--- time---

I carry on different wavelengths as i attend
My worlds magnificent descriptions
at shows
i find my friends
lifted and foes given me funny faces
What wasted energy
you know i don't entertain it
I have enough on my plane
dealing with the duality
of like everything
Quite an obstacle course bouncing off all walls of my brain
Its like and
an advertisement for vans
The way the man slams mics insane
Like a hawk
the way
I got
900 degrees of reasons for seasoning mcs
through seasons of this game
I suppose the up and downs expose the over encumbered clowns
I mean you work hard but take a break
Enjoy the ride or it really aint
worth much of anything
Is your work really worth it
As a mc i decide to strike
Hit your life with the young
scales of purpose

I follow through . that was a full sentence its interesting to find how many human beings suspended in relentless decision like there was any kind of objection
If there was i'm in it providing that eye learn from what i've burned by giving you a piece of peace for your expedition
A slice of zen and some wisdom
Tea and some biscuits or biscuits and gravy if you with the thickness
I aint against your opinion
I prolong the idea of patience and paying attention
Walk up in the spot like you know how much i paid in attention to harness these methods
Degree in penmanship
Freezing up your heat section
we as spiritual advisory
these sessions.


released February 21, 2021
Dj zenjayy on the cuts
The Ancient One on the production