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Propo'88 & Wildelux are... Certified Craftsmen (PreOrder) (
1.Preparation (Intro)2.Hey! 03:58buy track3.Pieces of a Man4.Monkey See, Monkey Do5.Lunch Break (Intermezzo)6.Still People 03:567.Fire In The Hole (ft. DJ Robert Smith)8.Here's an Idea... 04:009.Support10.Deleted Scenes11.Briefing (Intermezzo)12.Big Bizniz13.Adapted (ft. Malev da Shinobi)14.Before My Eyes


True craftsmanship is in the details. That’s what DJ/producer Propo’88 and emcee Wildelux show on their Certified Craftsmen LP. Under the duo’s moniker of Certified Craftsmen, they carefully craft no-bullshit boom bap. From the choice of samples to the scratch hooks, to Wildelux’ buttery rhymes and straight-talking. It’s tempting to say that this is boom bap at its best. But record label braggadocio doesn’t fit this down-to-earth body of work. So it’s up to the listener to judge whether this is indeed certified.

“For me, a ‘craftsman’ means a person who has honed his/her craft over the years, without the pressure of being down with the latest fad or wave,” says emcee Wildelux (who is originally from the Bronx, New York, but lives in Kyoto, Japan since 2008). “Taking their time to create the best version of themselves for the world to see. Being comfortable in one’s own skin. By being one’s self without any filters to hide behind, the world will see how genuine the person is in his or her craft and therefore they are certified by the people.”

Propo’88 lives on the opposite side of the world: in the Dutch city of Utrecht. But it’s that philosophy on hip-hop craftsmanship that makes them closely connected. “A craftsman, to me, also knows his strengths and weaknesses, but at the same time understands...  more


releases March 26, 2021


All productions, scratching & mixing by Propo'88.
All lyrics & vocals written and recorded by Wildelux.

Mastered by Statinski Mastering

Cover, Logo & Art Direction by 3rdEyeRevolution

Special thanks to George Tzi (Ground Beef Records) & Oliver Whitehouse (Sektion Red).

Released by Rucksack Records