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Gadget & Dirty Hairy - Gimmie A Break (

This track was recorded some years back, after Dirty Hairy shared his 'Jazflats' instrumental with his listeners. It was due to instant inspiration that led to a pen being brandished and the mic device being assembled in a dark corner of the audio dojo for the Soulful Jackanory (Gadget) to zone out upon the funky sound-waves that originated from the actual 'Jazflat', the once location of the dynamic duo, Dirty Treats (Dirty hairy & ILL Treats). Once Gadget had completed his journey through time, space and sound, Hairy was contacted so he could hear the additional science that DaWordsmith had applied to his original formula. The two were pleased with the overall result and concluded in agreement that this was something that was to be shared with the world. Thus, 'Gimmie A Break.' Now up on digital platforms for the first time. #HairyGadgetry


Dirty Hairy


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