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Configa - Something I Said (ft. HaStyle) (
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Recorded on location in London, back in 2015, this video is a never before released, unearthed, dusty, boom-bap gem from Configa laying down a melancholy, psychedelic inspired, sonic landscape for HaStyle to take the audience on a lyrical journey from dealing with disingenuous, fake "fair weather" friends, who discontinue that friendship for no apparent reason, through to females who start off different in relationships only to then become cold, distant and emotionally abusive. Configa's implementation of the vocal sample on the chorus sets the tone perfectly "What can I say to you? What can I do? Where can I go to hide, memories deep inside?"

The journey, is of course, literal too, taking viewers from the London underground, to Big Ben, to central London itself.

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Video directed and edited by Nick Light