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Statue Stance - Commentating on a Massacre | Northern Structure Records (
released February 7, 2021

The waterproof briefcase washed ashore. Waves tango. Broken skies so ominous stars refused to shine. Sleepless discomfort on Tullamarine benches, cold metal prodding at bones. Hunger harped but each item on the menu required droplets of blood rather than dust funnelled dollars for payment, he had neither. Angels guiltily whispered of summer bows & blueberry bodyboards, hazelnut vacuums & snakes snapping at steel toe cap boots. He set ablaze the one-way tickets & watched ferocious Kali flames boil Wendy's tears. Leaving the airport was like walking the plank with snorkel & life jacket. So safe they were in danger.

City hoppers filled & fuelled to occupy dark, thick veins, almost at bursting point. Maps now defunct in the wake of fantasystems. Snow coloured sand was today's flavour of selfie bomb vest & the cameras were running out of battery quicker than pictures were being blasted into netusphere. As the bus left the now stirring depot, they were ordered to turn to a folded page in their escapism manuals, which could be found pinned to the back of the seat in front with a butterfly blade. Instructions read like warnings; red lights didn't mean stop anymore. His world was upside down. Her fate cupped in his shaking grip, fragile & invaluable. Roads became great oceans & a lonely lighthouse peered at 12 apostles through the smogpocalypse. He began commentating on a massacre...

All songs written & performed by Amos
All song produced, mixed & mastered by Hooper Stax
Artwork by Chris Mackey