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DJ Hoffa & The Union - Teamsters 2 | Cocareef (
1.I Got Em Intro2.Harbor Kidz - Kung Flu [Prod. By Jam-1 & Hoffa)3.Asun Eastwood - I Heard You Paint Houses [Prod. By Jam-1 & Hoffa]4.Sticky Jack - Do What You Can [Prod. By Sticky Jack] 03:275.Lord Juco - Dont Snort It All [Prod. By Jam -1 & Hoffa]6.Che Uno - Crab Meat [Prod. By DMYSTICKMC)7.Killa Kali - Fancy Business Suit [Prod. By Killa Kali & Hoffa] 01:138.Mickey Diamond - Hilfiger Sweaters [Prod. By Grand Luke]9.Adam Bomb - Union Legend [Prod. By Grand Luke & Hoffa]10.Asun Eastwood - Lemon Ginger [Prod. By Jam-1 & Hoffa]11.Stoop Rebel Murda - Talking Lotus [Prod. By Jam -1 & Hoffa] 01:3312.King ColdPack - No Fakes [Prod.By Jam-1 & Hoffa]13.Nino Gray - Union [Prod. By Kheyzine]14.Ca$ablanca - $uperBlood WolfMoon [Prod. By Cap Chino]15.GFam Black - Fresh Out The Box [Prod. By Mr.Jones & Hoffa]16.Gunna Gatsby - Uprise & Unite [Prod. By Jam-1 & Hoffa]


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This Album is loaded with some of the best of what The Underground as to offer with some pure Lrysist ,back a dope Executive Production of beats by DJ Hoffa & The Union plus a couple Guest Productions by some of the best up and coming beatmakers."DJ Hoffa ,Jam-1 , Mr. Jones , Cap Chino , Kheyzine , Grand Luke ,Killa Kali ,Sticky Jack , & DMYSTICKMC) & Emcess featuring: Asun Eastwood ,Harbor Kidz ,Sticky Jack, Lord Juco , Che Uno , Killa Kali , Mickey Diamond , Adam Bomb ,King ColdPack ,Nino Gray,Ca$ablanca ,GFam Black , & Gunna Gatsby.

"Teamsters 2" Limited Edition Physical Copy , with only 50 reg/25 obi made never to be pressed again.Full Color ,Plus Insert jewel case cover with full color exclusive disc,wrapped in plastic.**also for a limited will receive an additional Free Gift with every order only when you shop at


releases February 5, 2021

Executive Producer: DJ Hoffa
Distributed by Cocareef Records LLC 2021