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Mysterious Maiden - SCR [K'NEN&JAFET MUZIC] (
First single from our debut album "Vol.1". (Coming Soon)

Featuring K'Nen & JAFET MUZIC as they express their love for the culture of HipHop. Beat produced by K'Nen,which captures the raw uncut feeling SCR brings back into the music.

Song recorded, mixed and mastered by Brendan Brady for Surefire Studios

Video shot and edited by Onixovii

Special shoutout to PackmanGhost, YoungLordz

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Ain’t no music slapping rappers since Sean p passed on
industry made the thing we love a gimmick to trash on 
my pain to the words so I drag on 
Wishing for something to keep me hopeful like you waiting on dad calls
path towards to the truth so rap lord 
looking to twist the karma of his past and mix the good with bad thoughts 
never could spend a dollar on beat or a rap forum
would rather spend an hour on bins for some samples 
And I’m cool with me playing my role
I’m clocking in,But not intune with the selling of souls
I want the bag but I can use it to build us a home,But you don’t follow
You compare cuz you weren’t taught to have thoughts your taught to follow
I’m the model of theism in human form
The problem but ever wish to stop it,the circles roll 
middle ground the Trials that’s inscripted in vocal form
battle grounds the sound that you wish you can call your own

[Hook 2x]
And we do this shit for hip hop
Could touch the flesh but it won’t st-stop
It’s my soul we used to play the ciphers off the tip top til dawn
Yeah baby I’m gone

There ain't no real murder music since prodigy passed on
One of the last Dons to keep it thoro in rap songs
pack strong punches like capcom
Been doing it since fat Alberto fubu and phat farm
Later they'll catch on,when fame and the cash gone
The industry is ran by the puppeteers,
It's a love affair
couple of co-signs and some gold shine your in the upper tier
Less to do with talent when connected like drug career
We bring it back to the essence although its futuristic
My crew terrific,too explicit to move specific
The rest will gossip in a group like bitches
And I ain't superstitious,drew from my faith but never grew religious
Tho I feel like christ in this gruesome business
choose my limits above the heavens where few could visit
They can't touch this,luscious like bomb trees in dutches
Really love it we ain't use it as crutches

[Hook 2x]
ayo we do this shit for hiphop
From the bottom we wont st-stop
It's in my soul until I'm old,wont ever fold or flip flop
Im gone yeah baby I'm gone