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NevEd - Old2New (
1.Intro 01:302.Potato Flow (feat. 8 Gram) 01:573.Turkey (feat. 8 Gram) 02:434.Just Lines, no Hook (feat. 8 Gram) 02:165.2K17 (feat. The Phantom) 05:206.Overunderachievements 03:157.Inevedable 02:368.Dequicky (feat. 8 Gram) 02:069.The Bitch Bash Anthem 05:0710.Asshole Rap (feat. 8 Gram) 04:2011.Dark Afro (Instrumental) 03:0812.Choir on Fire (feat. 8 Gram, DK & the Phantom) 07:0013.Adios Hatred Mix (feat. The Phantom) 03:4914.Another Freebie (Instrumental) 03:4815.Spit Fire '98 Style (Instrumental) 04:0516.Scratch Thoughts 03:5117.Potato Flow (Instrumental 01:5718.Turkey (Instrumental) 02:4319.Just Lines, no Hook (instrumental) 02:0320.2K17 (Instrumental) 05:1621.Overunderachievements (Instrumental) 03:0722.Inevedable (Instrumental) 02:3723.Dequicky (Instrumental) 02:0524.The Bitch Bash Anthem (Instrumental) 04:0525.Asshole Rap (Instrumental) 04:0426.Choir on Fire NevEd Mix (Instrumental) 04:1127.Adios with Hatred (Instrumental) 03:3528.Scratch Thoughts (Instrumental) 04:03


This album comprises all music that I've done and have done for others since 2015, that has not gotten an official release. Many of these songs were recorded on Audacity, and putting this compilation together involved rearchiving my old sessions from back in those days, and extracting the mixes from them as well as the instrumentals, which are also available here.


released October 31, 2020

Except for Choir on Fire, all mixing and mastering was done by NevEd.
Phantom, 8 Gram and DK appear courtesy of themselves.
Artwork courtesy of Ill Intent.