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Ancient Astronauts - ZIK ZAK | Switchstance Recordings (
1.Upliftment Skit feat. C Wyne Nalukalala 00:482.Basonyiwe feat. Spyda MC3.Pagliacci´s Reprise feat. Joyce Olong4.Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala 03:47 video5.Pump Up The Sound feat. Bani Fyah6.Moz Militant feat. Blaze 5th7.Tebamanyi feat. MoRoots 03:458.Wan Aken feat. Brazen Rule9.Photoshop Reality feat. BANTU10.My Vision feat. Shoeshine Buoy11.Omuntu Wwo feat. MOTH12.No Luv feat. Modenine 03:3313.Social Distancing feat. Ife Piankhi 02:4614.Entandikwa feat. Abramz15.Deram Me 1 Minuto feat. Olho Vivo16.Source Of Life feat. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble17.Ddala feat. Spyda MC18.Simulizi Zetu feat. GP_Rowdix19.Do It To The Beat feat. Blessed San20.Ziinga Zanram feat. Art Melody


Over three years in the making, ZIK ZAK is an African musical odyssey, featuring some of the freshest talent from nine countries on the mother continent. Tying this remarkable range of artists together are German production team ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, weaving the vocal talents of the African singers into their distinctive “Boom Dub” sound. Drawing on Hip Hop, Dancehall, Roots Reggae, Bass Music, Soul, Electronica and Breakbeat, the production incorporates live instruments and musical influences from all over Africa and its diaspora.

The concept behind all these tracks is ZIK ZAK (“Zig-Zag” in English), mapping out each artist’s life of tragedy and success, in a context of global inequality and ruthless capitalism. This album responds to the urgent need to understand the daily struggle for survival by creative artists and musicians from the global south. Each artist gives a unique voice to their rocky way through the contemporary African landscape, revealing a new perspective from a different city, country, religion, and ideology. This is ZIK ZAK.

It's easy to forget how much harder it is for artists and musicians to survive away from the relative comfort of the richer parts of the world. In Africa, employment levels are shockingly low and the...  more


releases January 22, 2021

Lyrics written by:
Song 1 and 4 written by Alex Namugera. ong 2 and 17 written by Aineomugisha Alimansi Wanzu. Song 3 written by Joyce Olong. Song 5 written by Banyana Alice. Song 6 written by Leonel Jose Wilfred Manuel. Song 7 written by Maureen Rutabingwa. Song 8 written by Tia Godfrey. Song 9 written by Thomas Adegoke Odukoya. Song 10 written by Stephen Makoha. Song 11 written by Kasibante Edward. Song 12 written by Olusegun Ayodele Adewale Babatunde. Song 13 written by Ife Piankhi Menfesawe Imani. Song 14 written by Tekya Abraham. Song 15 written by Michel Cesar Cardoso. Song 16 written by Kalanda Peter. Song 18 written by Jimson Julius Kivuyo. Song 19 written by Echengu Jonathan Letia. Song 20 written by Mamadou Konkobo.

All music composed by Ingo Moell.

Produced by Ancient Astronauts. Mixed by Kabanjak at Evergreen Studio.

All instruments & programming by Kabanjak.

Additional musicians:
Sekou Titina Camara: Drums & Djembe
Tofier Jery N Sougan: Djembe
Mouhamadou Sall: Djembe & Calabash

Album concept & coordination by DOGU.

Published by Oneminded Soul Publishing.

Mastering by Artur Wnorowski / TurnUp Mastering.

Cover art by HAGOP. Layout by Lisse / Brushwood Entertainment.

Executive producer Thomas Katongole-Strauch.

Much love & respect to David Cecil and East African Records in Kampala for being such a big help with organization, recording and touring logistics in East Africa. Many thanks to Wana Benjamin and Muggaga Timothy for recording most of the Ugandan artists for us. You guys at East African Records rock!

All rights reserved.

LC 12393 / GEMA / SRLP 011

P & C 2021 Switchstance Recordings