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Halo Da Illest - Rough Cuts & Off Cuts (
1.Bring The Horns In (Prod. By Kris Flava) 01:21buy track2.Witness feat. Remedy & Snooze (Prod. By Jammy Beats) 03:573.Let 'em Know (Prod. By Aggz) 01:284.Vocal Swordplay feat. Solo Cypher (Prod. By Vice) 04:27buy track5.Come With Me feat. Othesweetboy 03:426.De Listen Jam (Unofficial Remix) 05:377.Rock Steady (Prod. By Zack McCraken) 02:578.If I Had One Minute To Vent (Prod. By Kayzee) 01:189.Revival (Prod. By Kris Flava) 04:0010.Strike A Pose (Prod. By Kris Flava) 03:5111.Smooth Grooves (Prod. By Kris Flava) 02:5012.Brighter w/ Barny Holmes 01:58


Here's a collection of tracks that I made over the last decade or so. Some rough cuts, unfinished songs, unused, unofficial remixes and from ditched projects. They haven't really been mixed at all or might not all be that great but I didn't want them to got to waste. So here's different types of songs with me experimenting and just trying to perfect my craft over the years.



released January 3, 2021