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Tuffguy - My Way (
1.My Way (Ft. Chiman 101) Produced By Micall Parkinson 03:202.Who's Gonna Get Drunk With Me (Ft. Chiman 101) Cuts By Victor Vector 04:183.Push It To The Next Level (Ft. Chiman 101 And Andy P) 04:324.Plan For Some Action (Produced By Average Kid Music) 03:105.Number One (Ft. Chiman 101 And Andy P) Produced By English Harry (Cuts By Jay Rees) 04:196.I Got The Vocals (Ft. Andy P) Produced By Average Kid Music 03:007.Rising Up (Ft. Chiman 101, LK, Andy P) Cuts By Jay Reese 04:088.Third 2 0 1 9 03:009.Front To The Back (Ft. Chiman 101, English Harry, Andy P) 03:4310.King Of The Hive 03:1211.The Summer's Here (Ft. Chiman 101 And Andy P) 04:2512.One Love (Ft. Andy P) 02:3613.Spell Bound (Ft. Chiman 101 And Moodyman) 04:0014.Its My Time (Ft. Chiman 101) 03:1015.Bonus Track - One Of Those Days (Ft. Andy P) 02:52


released December 21, 2020

All tracks produced by L.I.C except track 1, produced by Micall Parkinson.
Tracks 4 and 6 produced by Average Kid Music.
Track 5 produced by English Harry.
All tracks recorded, mixed and arranged by L.I.C @Slaughterhouse Studios for Reeva Records 2020.
Cuts on tracks 5 and 7 by Jay Reese.
Cuts on tracks 2 and 3 by Victor Vector.
Cuts on track 6 by L.I.C