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G-Owens - Space Epic (Instrumental) (
It was a summer evening in July. I can still taste my lover's lips from when she gave me that last kiss before take off. I didn’t know if I would be coming back, but I knew I had to leave. After successfully landing on Venus I visited a local bar to collect intel, but first I ordered my favorite drink; A Whiskey neat. After a few rounds and conversation with local patrons, new information about the whereabouts of the Triangulum outlaw Velmar led me to the planet Mars. Full of excitement and Whiskey, I boarded my ship without making my normal inspection. This led to a dangerous oversight and my ship losing power minutes before entering the Martian atmosphere. What followed was an ominous crash landing. I survived the crash only to end up in the middle of the volcanic caves of Mars. A perilous location to say the least. After 3 days of travel and countless run-ins with martian bandits and vagabonds, I was given the last known location of Velmar by a thief who lost a leg to him in a bet. “The last I heard he was on Neptune.” I hissed at the sound of that planet because Neptune always gave me the blues. On Neptune I decided to meet up with an old friend. After all, she should be able to help with my mission. Her name is Synvella. She’s the flirty type, and not very trustworthy, but she knew this galaxy like the back of her hand. If...  more


released December 19, 2020

Space Epic. A Sci-Fi Instrumental Album.

All instruments played by G-Owens unless otherwise noted.