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Mehdi Cee X Reckonize Real - The Antidote Saudade | Uglypitch Records (
1.The Antidote Saudade Intro2.4:45 (Keep it Moving)3.Golden Parachutes (Spliffed Out)4.So Wonderful (Techniques) Ft. DJ Manzo5.Followers (Dreams) 04:15buy track6.Lotions (Butter Lips) Ft. Chiara Ruocchio7.Summertime Blues (Inside the Station)8.Star Systems (Blasting Off) Ft. Penzo Gritty9.In the land of the BoomBap (MC's in Wonderland) Ft. Dj Manzo10.Somber days (Mental Wealth Rant)11.Exstatic Outro


A new record by Mehdi Cee (MTL/Canada/Isernia/Italy), produced by Reckonize Real (Queens/NY/USA)

presenting Chiara Ruocchio , featuring Penzo Gritty, DJ Manzo

The Antidote Saudade (Sa-oo-da-je) is a record that was created to feel good. After everything 2020 had to offer the world, I didn't want to contribute anything negative as the year was hard enough as it was. Instead, I decided to tell some fun stories, talk about my dreams and my hopes and share them in case someone needed them or related to them. I wanted to make a record people can sit back and relax to but at the same time, get inspired by, dream to, fuck to, whatever to make you get through the day, but with a dope soundtrack. The Antidote Saudade is built like a storybook and follows the rules of storytelling. From come-up to climax to conclusion, everything was calculated and I'm very proud to present another audio book about your boy, Mehdi Cee.


releases December 3, 2020

Beats by Reckonize Real
Vocals : Mehdi Cee
Mix / Master / Engineered : Mehdi Cee
Scratchs : Dj Manzo
Cover : Sebastien Stewart (1523)