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Dregs One - Fog Mode ft. Andre Nickatina (single) (
After years of releasing independent records, painting graffiti burners, and leading workshops for youth programs, San Francisco underdog Dregs One returns to close out 2020 with a new Bay Area anthem featuring Andre Nickatina. “Fog Mode” has a classic Bay mobb sound guaranteed to make the party crack off. Powerful funk synths and a menacing piano line are provided by Adeyemi, a rising producer coming out of SF’s skater scene. Accompanied by the legendary Nickatina, “Fog Mode” shows Dregs One on a mission through a version of the city that defies the whitewashed image of gentrification. The two lyricists conjure imagery only known to the underground subculture of SF, like nights partying on Broadway or hustling in the cuts of 16th and Mission.

“Fog Mode” with Nickatina will hit the streets on December 4, followed by a Dregs One solo album of the same name in 2021. Produced entirely by Adeyemi, the album features different generations of SF hip-hop royalty, including San Quinn, Equipto, Blimes, La Doña and more. The “Fog Mode” brand, artwork, and musical feel reflect the determinative hustle of San Franciscans to preserve their communities and cultural identities against all odds.


releases December 4, 2020

Produced by Adeyemi
Recorded by Monk HTS at Official Bizness Studios
Mixed by Kris Steil for AudioKemestry
Mastered by Pablo Infinity for AudioKemestry
Artwork by Max Martilla
Graphic design editing by Tara Lim
Executive Produced by Oaday Awadalla and Dregs One