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GhostAttacK feat. Mighty Ash - Catch That Flow (
The 17th single in Rah! Records fortnightly release schedule sees GhostAttacK and Mighty Ash team up once again for a massive boom bap track - Catch That Flow.

Replete with the type of lyricism Mighty Ash is well known for and GhostAttacK's idiosyncratic music production, this track took on a life of its own. To prevent it from growing too big for its beats, it was locked in a soundproof box. Recently let out, the track demanded to be released at once. We had no choice but to comply.

The music for this track was recorded, mixed and produced by GhostAttacK @RahHQ.

The vocals were recorded, mixed and produced by Mighty Ash @UnderLab.

Mighty Ash also mastered the track and designed and developed the cover art.


released November 19, 2020