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Goosebumps - Children of the Night | MJM x MMA | Millennium Jazz Music (
1.GooMar - Insecticidal 02:43buy track2.SmokedBeat - Pumpkins 02:293.Skinnista - Dr. Loomis 04:334.Cystic (Grim Reaperz) - Hypnosis 02:235.James Cole Pablo - Stay Below Bottom 01:446.Fred Yaddaden - Behind Us 04:087.Pawcut - Motel 03:218.The SOULution - Night Walker 01:589.Öster - Halo 02:2710.Skull - Zombie March 03:3211.Able8 - Boo 04:0212.Bare Beats - Screams 03:1613.Costa - Fury of the Gorilla 02:3514.Sqreeb - Rugged Monstah 02:5215.Slivanoë - Le Dortoire 01:4416.Crown (Grim Reaperz) - We Are Die 02:5117.Dusty Ohms - Heavy on the Breaks 02:2018.Slone - Mysterious Road 03:10


'Goosebumps - Children of the Night' is brought to you by Millennium Jazz Music & Monkey Marginal Arts as we slip into the shadows and find several entities gathering on the darker side of the spectrum and sharing their craft beneath the moonlight.

The download also comes with extra black and white images off of the cove drawn by Dr. Fanx, which can be downloaded for the kids or adults to colour in and de-stress. Enjoy!!


released October 31, 2017


MJM123: Goosebumps - Children of the Night
Production by MJM and MMA
Co-managed by Skull & Gadget
Compiled and mastered by Gadget at the Audio Dojo
All art illustrations and typography designed and edited by Dr. Fanx
Executive producers D.J Lewis and B. Costabeber