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Jupiter A.K.A ft. VA - The Great Red Spot | Brain Connection 1978 (2017) (
1.Intro : The Illusion Door 01:202.Covet feat. Nolan The Ninja 04:053.Monopoly feat. Nolan The Ninja 02:464.Lu$t feat. Nolan The Ninja 03:365.Final Flash feat. Rockness Monstah, Nolan The Ninja, Vvs Verbal, Milez Grimez, Clever One 04:056.Skit : Shakra 01:177.Lu$t 84 feat. Nolan The Ninja 03:048.Monopoly (End Game) feat. Nolan The Ninja 02:569.Covet (Zangetsu Version) feat. Nolan The Ninja 02:1710.The Overturn feat. Rockness Monstah, Nolan The Ninja, Da Buze Bruvaz 04:04buy track11.Demolition Men feat. Ruste Juxx, Rockness Monstah, Nolan The Ninja, Skanks The Rap Martyr, Mic Handz 04:0912.Outro : Escape Route 01:29


The Great Red Spot is the first official project of the crew Producers' Jupiter A.K.A , the collective is composed of Astronote,Kyo Itachi and Azaia.

They worked with some artists last 10years in the underground and mainstream , Astronote produced one track on the project "Untitled Unmasterised" by Kendrick Lamar last year, Kyo Itachi joint force on "Meteorite" with Ruste Juxx and Azaia put a solo album in 2014.

For This project they invite a young talented Mc from Detroit Nolan The Ninja,Rockness Monstah from Heltah Skeltah and many strong mcs like Ruste Juxx,Skanks The Rap Martyr,Mic Handz,Vvs Verbal,Milez Grimez & Da Buze Bruvaz.


released June 9, 2017

Produced by Astronote 1,4,8,10
Produced by Kyo Itachi 3,5,6,9
Produced by Azaia 2,7,11,12

Written by Nolan The Ninja,Rockness Monstah,Ruste Juxx,Skanks The Rap Martyr,Mic Handz,
Vvs Verbal,Milez Grimez,Da Buze Bruvaz.

Scarcthes on « Lu$t 84 » by Venom for Marvel Records
Scratches on « Escape Route & Final Flash » by Dj Impact

All Tracks mixed, arranged & mastered by Astronote

Illustration/Design: Jilva The Maker

"Brain Connection" logo by Looker

Executive Producer: Jupiter A.K.A

©2017 Brain Connection1978