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Max I Million & Nocatchphrāze - Another One (Instrumental) (
Another One was the second collab track Nocatchphraze and I ever made together as a duo and probably the moment we realized we should make a whole album.The soundscape is minimalistic. It features some Dillaesque drums with a loose shaker. The Fender Rhodes heard throughout felt a tad too sharp at the earliest stage of production so we added some effects and let the chords manifest themselves in bulging waves. The bassline was laced 16 levels style on the MPC and later on we added another layer of drums on top, making them sound more "live". The vocal chops were thrown into the mix to kind of give you the feeling that a master of ceremony was present, keeping the listeners attention.Another One is a feel good track that will make you wanna kick back in the couch just as much as you wanna move and nod your head in deep swinging motions.12" vinyl full length album Private Barrel Selection is coming out Nov 18!!!via @RadioJuicy1