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Taiyamo Denku - Musical Guidance (
Musical Guidance is dropping at Midnight Central time FREE for Fans of my music please share this body of work that was done and created between the time of 2004-2009 I dont remember all the specific producers but I do know there is contributions from Handy Cat , Dynamo, PsychPsycho, Willie Green, Bad Abbot & More. I hope you all enjoy. There are no features on this project. Tracklist is as follows

1) Musical Guidance
2) The Key
3) According to Whose According
4) Doctor Wesker
5) Flatline
6) Undead Beauty
7) Much Needed Conversation
8) Next Window Please
9) Unclear memory
10) Wonder when we Wander
11) Journey To Nowhere
12) Wack on Purpose
13) Slave Work Corporation
14) What Your Made Of


released October 29, 2020