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Sorg & Napoleon Maddox - We The People (NEW EP) (
The France-American Hip-hop duo is back with an EP that reflects the current state of affairs. The texts of Napoleon Maddox are engaged as always, giving voice to the disenfranchised to match the well-crafted, imaginative soundscapes of Sorg, the French beatmaker.


releases October 30, 2020

All music written, produced and mixed by Sorg
All texts written by Napoleon Maddox except verses by :
JP Manova in « DANGER »
Boogie Bang in « Stick Wit It »
Saxophone in « Sweat » by Erik Sevret
Scratchs in « DANGER » by DJ Menas
Voices recorded at Maison de Quartier de Montrapon-Fontaine-Ecu (Besançon, Fr)
Mastered by Thomas Fournier
Artwork & Design by ease

Published by Alter-K
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