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Plasthic Slash & Greham - Garden City Blues (
1.01 Good Morning 03:002.02 PH Levels (feat. Dr. Barz & Bix F) 03:553.03 Port 3:16 (feat. Avid The Lyrikal & Xplain D Don) 03:384.04 Run, Brother, Run (feat. MCC) 04:505.05 Self-Made Monster 04:456.06 Rivers State of Mind 03:357.07 Candido Da Rocha 02:388.08 I Wonder As I Wander (feat. Smilez Danielz) 03:329.09 Unstoppable (feat. Timi Kei & Angelika Belle) 02:5310.10 Savage (feat. Marley Abdul, Murz & Chuddy Hayes) 05:1111.11 Visitors Are Welcome (feat. MCC) 03:3212.12 Daddy Goals (feat. Marley Abdul & Smilez Danielz) 02:2613.13 Once Upon A Time... 03:1714.14 Oil, Blood, Sweat, Tears 03:2915.15 Old Men's Games (and Politics) [feat. Illgod & Being] 03:2316.16 A Flower Called Man 03:2617.17 Collectibles 03:2318.18 E Funny Sha 03:4319.19 Johnny To Libya (feat. Xplain D Don) 03:5120.20 Misunderstood 03:5921.21 Police Is Your Friend (feat. Fragile) 03:3322.22 Unknown Gunmen (feat. MC Lace) 02:4823.23 Shoe Get Size (feat. Blinqston) 03:1724.24 Fille De Joie (feat. Roth B The Maverick) 03:2225.25 Last Words 02:14


Port Harcourt-based emcee Plasthic Slash linked up with producer Greham for this socially-conscious offering.


released October 22, 2020

All tracks produced by Greham.
All tracks mixed by Plasthic Slash, except: Unstoppable (mixed by Plasthic Slash & Smilez Danielz) & Daddy Goals (mixed by Smilez Danielz).
All tracks mastered by Plasthic Slash.