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Dipper Goons - The Micalorian | Supa Sounds (
Dipper Goons, simply put, is Original Super Legend on beats and James Earl Bonez on the rhymes. The duo is an extension of the PCP ALLSTARS collective that has always brought you nothing but that RAW, heavy drug feel. The Micalorian is making his way throughout worlds correcting any hip hop misnomer he might notice. His duty is to teach, correct, and guide the galaxies filled with lesser emcees. This is the way.


released October 16, 2020

All songs written by James Earl Bonez (ASCAP) except feature from Donald Mayhem written by T. Martin Emanuelle's Theme Music/Davis International (ASCAP) and appears courtesy of Culture Power 45/Jericho Lounge Music.

All songs produced by Original Super Legend for Supa Sounds LLC