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Remo Conscious - Souls In A Cipher (PreOrder) (
1.Devil Didn't Make Me (feat. Rasco & EBF) 03:17infobuy track2.Truth Can't Be Lied To (feat. Reks)3.Boom Bap Bliss (feat. Methuzulah)4.My Life (feat. King Alski & Samantha Alexes)5.I Know6.Vampires7.Hands Up8.Souls In A Cipher (feat. Conway The Machine & Planet Asia)


This album takes the listener on a lyrical and musical journey featuring some of the illest lyricists in the game. Produced mostly entirely by Remo Conscious, Souls In A Cipher refers to the many featured artists on this project, each with their individual style contributing to this work of art. Other production credits include Ren Hook, and Hill Prop.

In Loving Memory of Jason Gage, Joseph Navarro, & Neil Platko


releases October 23, 2020

All songs produced by Remo Conscious except:
Hands Up Produced by Hill Prop
My Life & I Know Produced by Ren Hook
Souls In A Cipher Bass by Michael Parker