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Sin7ven - Book of Vile Darkness ft. Disjointed (
"Check out my weird bookmark!"
*tentacle noises*

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Produced by Sin7ven
Mixed and mastered by Disjointed
Art by Sin7ven


[Sin7ven - Verse 1]
The spirit’s willing but the flesh is weak
It’s free real estate, so I possess each week
My albums are cursed, seven days
You get a mouthful of words at the message beep

Bless this beat, then desecrate it
I won’t rest in peace, death hesitated
As a hatchling I ate other serpents
From cradle to grave to me raising some servants

They’d give the world for a sliver of this page
Wish granted - equivalent exchange
Told Aladdin where the lamp is
Banished warlock searching for the magic of Atlantis

You’re like some bamboo to agitated pandas
I’m damn near immortal like laminated canvas
This shit’s a picnic, I had to make a sandwich
They catch a morsel and salivate in anguish

[Disjointed - Verse 2]
Not even cloaked in shadow, this is the end game
Anti-matter mortar penetrates through the breastplate
A rather mortifying felon; fool, it’s Check mate
Twice the man as you, double the moons to gestate

Hat on the gravel it’s your death day
Clamored a pharaoh, surpassed the power of your sensei
I take it back to ancient caverns in Dreshdae
The final note plays, as I enter in Zen state to rend flame

Change jobs like snakes change scales
Feint, dodge gales and spoliate your bake sale
Marauding homes with grace like a crane sails
A rotting throne awaits me with pained wails

Illuminated iris glitters to the tune of violence
He’s a crooning tyrant turning humans into hydras
All alone in the world, you feeling knightly?
Spitting blue flame and leaving you sealed in ice keep


released October 12, 2020