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Freddie Marr - On Mars f/Nelson Rivera | Pseudo Intellectuals (Instrumental) (
LoDo Industries
Press Release
Re: Freddie Marr
2 October 2020

Just before Covid hit, I was at a suburban bar on a snowy Friday evening and there was a particularly uninspiring soft rock cover band playing the hits. Nevertheless, as a music aficionado, I paid close attention and noticed that the keyboard player felt similarly about the music — the only difference is he was playing it!

Now, being the long-time manager of Pseudo Intellectuals, I am familiar with the pompous nature of some music makers, so the keyboard player’s attitude felt comfortable and familiar. This fellow, I’d later find out was Freddie Marr, looked to be somewhere in his mid-40s and much younger than the rest of his band mates. Anyhow, 3-4 beers later, Freddie and I struck up a conversation that resulted in him handing me a rough mix of a compact disc full of instrumentals (I know — who has CDs nowadays? I literally had to boot up an old laptop to even listen).

From there, I passed the beats to DJ Cutler who said they were excellent tunes save the fact, and I quote, “it does feature some overused drum samples.” Either way, with Cutler’s blessing, I signed Freddie to a two-album deal with LoDo Industries. This week, the first week of October 2020 (sigh), we are pleased to release the first track from this record, “On Mars”, which features the incomparable Nelson Rivera on sax. The entire album entitled Freddie on Mars will be released to all streaming platforms for your pleasure on October 23rd.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

In Solidarity,
Irv Funkenstein
CEO of LoDo Industries
Contact: [email protected] 


released October 2, 2020
Beat: Freddie Marr
Sax: Nelson Rivera