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MC Ma'at - The Insurrection (
1.Intro (Featuring Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, M-1, Prodigy, Ice-T & Vinnie Paz) 02:432.Tactical Subversion 03:113.Boom Bap Banger 02:444.His Story Of Hiphop 03:24lyricsbuy track5.Lyricalutionary 02:276.The Conversation [Part 1] 02:177.Violent Rebelution 03:178.The Brokest 03:559.Dystopium 06:4410.The Conversation [Part 2] 01:2411.Pharma Sickness 02:3512.Your Wet Dream (A Boyfriend's Nightmare) 03:5513.Foreign Fallacy 04:1114.The Conversation [Part 3] 02:1815.Turn It Off (The Telescreen) 03:1616.Puppet Master Massacre 03:3817.The Conversation [Part 4] 01:1618.The Castle Operation 04:0219.The Ring of Filth 04:46


The long awaited debut album of MC Ma'at titled - 'The Insurrection' is finally here.


releases September 26, 2020

All lyrics written by MC Ma'at. Composed, recorded and mixed by MC Ma'at. Artwork created by MC Ma'at. Beats produced by: MC Ma'at, Dave Adry, JKBeats053, Amsy, KutMasta Kurt; Naughty By Nature; Pete Rock, BeatKweker, Zalk & Craig B.