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dr.Oop & Nada Clue - Swallow the Liter (
'Swallow The Liter' is the 1st single from "Essential Business vol.2 - Intensive Care". When the pandemic struck, esteemed medical puffesional Dr. Oop MD and his colleague Nada Clue immediately retreated to Aloha Laboratories in Humboldt County, CA to develop a cure for the quarantine blues. In 10 days they invented "Essential Business vol.1- March Madness". They tested it on themselves and it worked almost instantly. However, the quarantine blues mutated so the duo returned to the lab, and in 10 more days they created "Essential Business vol.2 - Intensive Care". It features Akil The MC of J5, Scott Martin of War, Helekinetic , The Exkwsit Too CoolGang and many more. It is now available to the public for the first time! Please share with those in need. Hold tight planet earth. We gon' be aight. (Stay tuned for vol.3)

Shot by Art Hz and Nada Clue
Edited by Cody Karbum, Ken Ngwa and Nada Clue
Beat by Nada Clue
Guitar by Ardi