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Zagnif Nori - Gemstone Series Vol. 2 | Icy Palms Records (
1.Obsidians 03:292.Deadly Messengers - Feat. King Author & Darkstar 04:223.Purple Possum - Feat. Magno Garcia,Snotty, Hooks Arthur & Bugsy Da God 04:234.Importance (In Accordance) 03:435.Technological Advancement 03:366.Ruby 03:307.Amour Propre - Feat. Oak Lonetree 02:448.Zenith - Feat. DJ Enyoutee 04:089.Rap Scholars - Feat. P. Genz 03:1010.Numbers Game 03:0211.Garnet Feat. Mickey Diamond & Pro Dillinger 04:1512.It Don't Apply (Let It Fly) Feat. Kool Taj The Gr813.Khopesh Feat. O The Great, Jamil Honesty, Skanks, Juice Mega, P. General, Allah Preme & Squeegie O14.Brawn Intellect Feat. Anthem Bluez, King Bliss & Crotona P15.Deadeye Feat. Southside Jonesy


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With the fourth installment in the series titled "Obsidians", Zagnif brings the grimy darkness into things. The title track "Obsidian" finds Zagnif weaving through an eerie Isac No Beat production. Always ready to go to war with Zagnif, King Author steps into the fray alongside Darkstar for "Deadly Messengers" over the fierce Seth Silensir production. Then we have the deadly "Purple Possum" featuring Magno Garcia, Snotty, Hooks Arthur, and Bugsy Da God. To close out the project is the hard hitting Tone Spliff laced "Importance (In Accordance)" and "Technological Advancement" produced by The Quarter Inch Kings. Enjoy the fourth installment, check the previous if you haven't, and look forward to the next EPs in the series!

With the fifth installment in the series titled "Rubies", Zagnif begins to drop some jewels. The title track "Ruby" finds Zagnif dropping jewels showing "every man's responsible for his way on his course." Next "Zenith" details the urge to man up and "handle your biz" over Castle Money Beats production. Hi-Speed Network sees a third collaboration, this time with Oak Lonetree as Oak and Zagnif crush egos and enjoy their peace over Noble Scity general Haleem's production. P.Genz slides through on a collaboration of "Rap Scholars" as...  more


releases November 13, 2020

Raps By Zagnif Nori Except where noted in the tracklist

Production Credits:

Tracks 1 & 3 By Isac No Beat
Track 2 By Seth Silensir
Tracks 4, 10 & 12 By Tone Spliff
Track 5 By The Quarter Inch Kings
Tracks 6, 9 & 13 By BesKept
Track 7 By Haleem
Track 8 By Castle Money Beats
Track 11 By Crucial The Guillotine
Track 14 By Pad Scientist
Track 15 By Bigga Boo

Artwork & Layout By Chef Mike

Manufactured And Distributed By Icy Palms Records