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Zagnif Nori - The Gemstone Series: "Garnets" EP | Noble Scity (PreOrder) (
1.Garnet [featuring Mickey Diamond & Pro Dillinger][Produced by Crucial The Guillotine] 04:15buy track2.It Don't Apply [Let It Fly] [featuring Kool Taj The Gr8][Produced & Cuts by Tone Spliff]3.Khopesh [featuring O The Great, Jamil Honesty, Skanks The Rap Martyr, Juice Mega, P. General, Allah Preme, & Squeegie O][Produced by BesKept]4.Brawn Intellect [featuring Anthem Bluez, King Bliss, & Crotona P][Produced by Pad Scientist]5.Deadeye [featuring Southside Jonesy][Produced by Bigga Boo]


"The Gemstone Series" is a series of EPs containing 5 songs each that put Zagnif rhyming over outside production and sometimes alongside other incredible MCs outside of Noble Scity. Normally, Zagnif is tight-knit family oriented, but with this series we get to see Zagnif branch beyond the Noble Scity family and make other connections. With the sixth and final installment in the series titled "Garnets", Zagnif gives a variety. The title track "Garnet" puts Zagnif with Umbrella's own Mickey Diamond & Pro Dillinger giving hard hitting viciousness produced by Noble Scity's own Crucial The Guillotine. Next "It Don't Apply (Let It Fly)" teams up Upstate NY from Utica to Buffalo with production from Utica, NY's own Tone Spliff and the boom bap general out of Buffalo, Kool Taj The Gr8. A colossal posse cut happens on "Khopesh" combining O The Great, Jamil Honest, Skanks The Rap Martyr & Pee General from Bankai Fam, Juice Mega, Allah Preme, & Squeegie O over a dark and eerie production from BesKept. Another posse cut with some jewels placed in, "Brawn Intellect", finds Zagnif Nori joining with Anthem Bluez, King Bliss, & Crotona P over a Pad Scientist gem. Lastly, Hi-Speed had to complete their features with Southside Jonesy jumping in on "Deadeye" to complete the circle of the Noble Network over Bigga Boo production. Enjoy the fifth installment, check the previous if you haven't, and enjoy all 6 EPs!


releases September 25, 2020