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Andy Cooper - LISTEN (
LISTEN is the title track from Andy Cooper's third LP released by Unique Records. The video, directed by Daniel Ruzcko, is a wacky, color-infused nod to Children's Workshop broadcasts of the 1970's and 80's.

To purchase the LISTEN LP:

The clip features (in order of appearance):

JOE BYRD as DJ Jo Jo Byrd "In The Hand" from KRAP FM Radio and Eskimo Joe

ALINA TRAN as The Soda Can Geisha and Crouching Tiger Hidden Hot Dog

MARIO MIRANDA as Prince Markie Dee

LIZ TAYLOR as herself

SARAH MILENBURG as The Little Tramp and Disgruntled Dodger Fan

TINA COOPER as Sgt Silly and Sally May Summersbee

JON SAID as Diego 'Disco' Santori, Skier With No Equipment and The Count Of HB

TYRONE HARDWICK as Bobby 'Sore Back" Simms


DANIEL RUZCKO as Danny Van Roosh

GIO MIRANDA as Lionel Messy

ANDYPUPPET as The Immortal AP

NELL as Confused Kitten #1

JUNEAU as Competing Vocalist

No animals, puppets or copyrighted, classic film characters were harmed during the making of this video

Learn the lyrics and try to keep up:

L-I-S-T-E-N Listen...
To the sound of the groove when I come to make a hullabaloo
Kicking an attitude to have the people crowd in the room
So they celebrate an elevated man of the hour
'Cause I've been putting in my work you can examine it now
Bobbing to the beat stop an enemy on attack
'Cause I'm an oddity I gotta be elite when I rap
And people react, tripping like the saw a ghost
More flush and out of touch than Hall and Oates
Now, megalomaniacal I'm not but I'm reliable
I'm always coming with it when I'm rhyming I'm a dynamo
When at a show everyone can roll in and see
And think they're ready but wait 'til they get a load outta me
I've got a funk that appeals to the people
They're jumping like Evel Knievel and bumping the needle
It's like I've done something illegal
I'm leaving 'em stunned like they've seen Big Pun in a Speedo
Or Kid N Play at a pajama-jam
I'm slammin' in Iran and Afghanistan
I'll be dancing in the sand like Duran Duran
As grand as Bobby Bland in a tan sedan
Like a glam band ran to the cameraman
I was scanning at a "Dan" in an anagram
That demanded to have "And" like an ampersand
Uh-Ohhh Black Betty, Bam-Ba-Lam!
You say it's all about the cash and you're making hella money
But to get it you were castrated like a Teletubby
Illegitimate you really benefit the enemy
A villain and I'm killin' it a bit I do it readily
You better go and put the key in the lock
Open the door and welcome in the cream of the crop
I've come to hunt prey like the beak of a hawk
I'll be leaving a mess you'll be needing a mop
So listen I'll express it clearly
Lyrical innovation supplying the ear's need
I couldn't have said it any more sincerely, Did you get it?
One more time, I want you to hear me
Lyrical innovation supplying the ear's need
Let me spell it out like I'm trying to cheer-lead