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Sonnyjim & Must Volkoff - Tailor Made Ostrich | Pang Productions (
1.Flash Harry 01:412.Swim 02:483.Sherbert Pie (ft. Jehst) 02:454.Tailor Made Ostrich 01:36buy track5.Carte Blanche Bars 02:006.Bodgit & Scarper (ft. Joe Snow) 01:467.How To Duck 02:148.The Exodus (ft. Nelson Dialect) 02:289.Psychedelic Purple (Remix) 02:4510.Oxy & Stoli 03:2511.Porterhouse 02:2012.Outro 00:48


releases September 15, 2020

Lyrics written and performed by Sonnyjim.
Composed, mixed and arranged by Must Volkoff.
Vocals recorded by Taharka.
Mastered by L-Rox at Redsecta.
© Pang Productions 2020.